Product Certification

SASO Marking

Every consignment of foreign product should be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity from an authorised review agency. Ascent Inspecta is authorised to issue the Certificates of Conformity (CoC). They are required to make sure customs clearance of shipments and ensure that the merchandise fits the relevant Saudi technical rules and national, regional or international standards. All imported consignments should bear a non-removable indication of origin. People who don't will be control by Saudi Customs and also the importer will be asked to require corrective action or offer an endeavor that the offence won't be continual. Failure to do therefore might lead to a fine or product being returned to their country of origin. SASO works to attain the subsequent strategic goals:

  • Maintaining the protection of customers through making ready and adopting appropriate standards for product and services.
  • Contributing to the event of national economy through the implementation of appropriate Saudi standards on goods, products and services to enhance the competitive capability of national products.
  • Adjusting tools and procedures of measurement and standardisation within the Kingdom to match international measurements and calibration.
  • Disseminating the standard culture in all industrial and service activities, each public and personal, and raising awareness of the advantages of adopting quality standards.
  • Ascent Inspecta professionals with years of experience data and knowledge during this business can guide through begin to end method and know- how of SASO marking
  • Ascent Inspecta fully eradicates barrier with its skilled data within the field and with the countries.
  • Ascent Inspecta is a trustworthy name and has designed itself in eighteen years, you can entirely trust Ascent and eliminate the worry of fake marking for your product.
  • The Ascent Inspecta Solutions designer guides you through the complete SASO marking compliance and implementation until accomplishment of certification which is able to offer you a sigh of relief.
  • We have our SASO marking specialist who can clearly guide you through the total process without you facing any complications.
  • Ascent Inspecta facilitates an in-depth and skilled auditing services that are considerably additional demanding that the audits done by certification bodies. This ensures no failure throughout external audits.
  • Ascent Inspecta based Solutions Architects perform a detailed business profile analysis and undertake a gap analysis before the project outline is intended.
  • Hiring Ascent Inspecta will guide you with correct budget data while not you paying further expenses.
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